BPSU Pictures


Pictures of Black Powder Shooting over the Years


Provincial Shoots

Free State Provincial, June 2012

Gauteng West Provincial Championships
Mariette Black Powder Shooting Range, October 2009

Eastern Regions Night Shoot

CTMLA 50th Anniversary Shoot
Cape Town, October 2008


National Shoots

BPSU National Championships
Atlantis, Cape Town, 3-5 April 2014

BPSU Short Range National Championships
Hippo Creek Shooting Range, Vereeniging, July 2013

BPSU Long Range National Championships
Bloemfontein, March 2012

BPSU Short Range National Championships
Vereeniging, July 2011

BPSU Long Range National Championships
Bloemfontein, April 2011

BPSU National Championships
Heidelberg, May 2010

BPSU National Championships
Pretoria / Vereeniging, April 2009

BPSU National Championship & 50th Commemorational Shoot,
Pretoria, April 2008

BPSU National Championship,
Bloemfontein, April 2007

International Shoots

26th MLAIC World Championships,
Las Gabias, Granada, Spain, 2014

9th MLAIC World Championships,
Cape Town, South Africa, September 2013

25th MLAIC World Championships,
Pforzheim, Germany, August 2012

Capping Ceremony, Cape Town, 7 July 2012

8th MLAIC World Championship,
Bisley, United Kingdom, September 2011

24th MLAIC World Championship,
Fervenca, Portugal, August 2010

7th MLAIC World Championship,
Camp Butner, North Carolina, USA, September 2009

23rd MLAIC World Championship,
Adelaide, Australia, August 2008

6th MLAIC World Long Range Muzzle Loading Championships,
Cape Town, September 2007

22nd MLAIC World Championship,
Bordeaux, France, August 2006

World Long Range Historical Rifle Championship,
Cape Town, April 2006