Black Powder Shooting Union of South Africa

BPSU Documents

*** Membership Forms***



*** Constitutions & Rules***


BPSU Constitution (April 2018)

BPSU Rules (April 2018)


MLAIC Constitution (2016)

MLAIC Rules (2020)


*** World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) ***

Drugs in Sport

Online Medication Check

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*** Dedicated Sportsman Status ***

Dedicated Sportsman

(ONLY when you need a new certificate,
e.g. for a new licence application)

Application Form (updated)

Application Criteria and Process

NB. It remains the applicant's responsibility to submit a list of attendances at approved shoots.
This will be checked against the official results on the website.

Requirements for application / Accompanying documents:

  1. Application form with proper motivation (download form above)
  2. Proficiency (training) Certificate complying to Unit Standards for Handle and Use of a Rifle / Handgun / Shotgun / Muzzle Loader (NOT ONLY Knowledge of the Firearms Act !)
  3. Competency Certificate - Muzzle Loader - COMPULSORY!
  4. Letter from primary club to confirm paid up status for current year
  5. Scores / Proof of attendance for past 12 months (you need 6 points to apply)
  6. Copy of Identity Document
  7. Copy of a valid firearm licence
  8. Proof of payment of R50 into the BPSU bank account to cover postage
  9. Submit to Secretary of the BPSU for processing

Application for Endorsement from SABU - New licences only

Please note this form needs to be submitted to SABU
by the member directly and NOT through the BPSU.
Remember to attach current owner's licence /
gun shop's detail to your application.