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*** Membership Certificates ***

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2023 BPSU Certificates

2023 SABU Certificates


*** Membership Forms***



*** Constitutions & Rules***


BPSU Constitution (April 2018)

BPSU Rules (April 2018)


MLAIC Constitution (2016)

MLAIC Rules (Dec 2022)


SABU Constitution (2019)

SABU Rules (2020)

SABU Policies & (Regulations 2019)


*** World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) ***

Drugs in Sport

Online Medication Check

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*** Dedicated Sportsman Status ***

Dedicated Sportsman

(ONLY when you need a new certificate,
e.g. for new licence or renewal applications)

Application Form (updated)

Application Criteria and Process

NB. It remains the applicant's responsibility to submit a list of attendances at approved shoots.
This will be checked against the official results on the website.

Requirements for application / Accompanying documents:

  1. Application form with proper motivation (download form above)

  2. Proficiency (training) Certificate complying to Unit Standards for Handle and Use of a Rifle / Handgun / Shotgun / Muzzle Loader (NOT ONLY Knowledge of the Firearms Act !)

  3. Competency Certificate - Muzzle Loader - COMPULSORY!

  4. Letter from primary club to confirm paid up status for current year

  5. Scores / Proof of attendance for past 12 months (you need 6 points to apply)

  6. Copy of Identity Document

  7. Copy of a valid firearm licence

  8. Proof of payment of R50 into the BPSU bank account to cover postage

  9. Submit to Secretary of the BPSU for processing

*** Endorsement for New Licence ***

Application for Endorsement from SABU - New licences only

Please note this form needs to be submitted to SABU
by the member directly and NOT through the BPSU.
Remember to attach current owner's licence /
gun shop's detail to your application.